ASMC's Professional Development Institute (PDI) 2023
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Health and Safety

If you are not feeling well, please do not attend the PDI 2023 in person.

Please take note of ASMC’s current policies and restrictions. Participants must abide by the following Communicable Diseases policies and protocols while attending PDI:
  • Visitors to ASMC are not required to be fully vaccinated against communicable diseases​.
  • Due to a reduction in communicable disease transmission levels, social distancing and mask usage are not generally required at the America's Center. Individuals may choose to wear a mask at any time.
  • Individuals who have been in close contact with an infected or symptomatic individual within the prior 10 days may still attend this event. However, a mask must be worn during all in-person interactions.
  • Individuals who have tested positive for a communicable disease, or experience symptoms associated with ava communicable disease, should adhere to the current CDC protocols.
  • SMC will continue to monitor all communicable disease levels and other indicators and may adjust policies, as necessary.