ASMC's Professional Development Institute (PDI) 2023
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Service Day

May 31, 2023 is Service Day at PDI 2023. Service Day is a day set aside for each service to break in to sessions that are specific to that service or agency. Breakout descriptions, agendas, and additional details will be available soon.
  • When registering, attendees should select which Service Day activities (May 31) they wish to attend (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, or Defense-Wide).
  • Agenda’s for each service can be found by clicking the button below and using the Session Type filter to select Service Day.

Service Day Agendas

As ambassadors of military services and government organizations, military and civilian personnel and their spouses should plan appropriate dress for the PDI as shown below. However, please check with your command to verify.

Army- Army Service Uniform, Class B
Navy- Khakis
Marine Corps- Service Dress Charlie
Air Force- Blue Short Sleeve
Coast Guard- Tropical Blue
Civilian/guests- Business casual attire

*Stage participants may be asked to wear a different uniform than event attendees. Please check with guidance you may have received as an award winner or speaker.